Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Just a thought ... Have you ever tried to deciper our nursery rhymes? I've came to realized that most of the common nursery rhymes would end up in a violent way. Humpty Dumpty fell off a wall. Jack, from Jack and Jill, broke his crown, the baby, from rock a by baby, fell off a tree together with his cradle, the itchy-bitchy spider was washed off from the water sprout .... although some have cute endings but these are just some of those nursery rhymes that had some "violent" endings This just came to me as a wild thought, all throughout my growing years i never did notice this, not until now.

Maybe i just got to be more aware of things lately ... or is it the age? hahaha Well this happens to be the midweek and things are going quite alright. Although work is starting to ease out a bit here but still i have to run after deadlines and such till i get an "all coast clear" signal with all my work load. I am also busy right now drafting a new project in line plus the fact that we still have to get things off the ground for the ADG. I have been feeling sick so that doesn't help with theworkload either, but i am taking herbal supplements, as recommened to me by my sister and that does ease off the burden. I need to get things in proper timeframe so that they fly with ease when we get these project gets off the ground. I am also trying to finish my list that I need to give alwell within the week.